Adam Corney

finance and Word puzzles in Brisbane, Australia

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I enjoy being of service to others. I'm a reader, video and tabletop gamer, uncle, gardener, and hiker. I like to nurture and grow things - companies, products, teams, relationships, even vegetables.


I work at Pinnacle Wealth Partners where I assist in providing financial advice to good people looking for informed and sensible service.


In my spare time I actively manage the operations at Minimega. We are the talented creators behind the popular Bonza series of word puzzle games.


Prior to moving into the advice industry, I worked in tech and marketing for 15 years. I live in a tiny house on wheels.


June: Wellington, NZ
July: Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
October: Tokyo, Toyama, Osaka

  • Work
    • Pinnacle Wealth Partners & MM
  • Education
    • Griffith, MFP Candidate
    • UNE, GradDip(FinPlan)
    • QUT, B.Bus(Marketing)